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An evening with Serban Tir, CTO of Gemini Solutions

Written by InnovX

In September we’ve had an extraordinary guest, Serban TIR, the C.T.O. of Gemini Solutions. Serban Tir has been a part of the Romanian IT community since 1996, at first as a techno/geek lover, then becoming an architect software, and later passing to the business side. Serban has an 18-year experience working with different companies in Silicon Valley, from start-ups to public companies. During this time he played various roles in the projects he was involved in, starting as a developer and reaching the position of Engineering Vice President. Besides the passion for technology and innovation, Serban is also actively involved in CSR projects and is very passionate about sports.

Founded in 2005 by a core group of Silicon Valley technologists, Gemini Solutions is dedicated to delivering world-class software product development services. The company’s founders understood that too many companies, both startups, and mature organizations, were frustrated and disappointed with the traditional outsourcing model. Technology organizations wanted higher caliber technical capability, a broader range of expertise, better collaboration and communication, and greater agility than traditional outsourcers could provide. They sought partners that could act as extensions of their in-house teams, technical experts who would listen and proactively contribute. Gemini Solutions built out its technical organization to address this unmet need. Unlike conventional outsourcing, Gemini Solutions’ approach focuses on building great products, utilizing skilled talent, collaborative product development, and long-term partnerships.

Today, Gemini Solutions has over 100 software engineers covering a broad spectrum of technologies across the entire software product development lifecycle. Gemini Solutions technical teams are recognized not only for their fast-paced development but also for their product development discipline. Gemini Solutions’ unique blend of creativity, agility, discipline, and technical excellence engenders successful and enduring partnerships.

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