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InnovX Day - October 2021


InnovX Day - October 2021

Wolves Summit is returning as a hybrid event on 19-21 October 2021. Organised as an online & offline event, the upcoming edition offers startups, scaleups, corporations, executives, investors, partners and sponsors alike the unique opportunity to reach the global tech community and meet in person, for the first time in Wrocław, Poland. The InnovX-BCR ecosystem will be present at the event with three panels, 18 Alumni, from which 9 will pitch on stage.

As 2020 marks the second best year in the CEE Venture Capital scene for countries such as Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic, there is a clear need to support the growth of the new investment funds in the region. This is where the InnovX BCR VCs Bootcamp, the first accelerator Romania for aspiring VCs from the CEE region, comes into play!

“Great experience and very inspirational speakers who gave us insightful workshops and useful tools. Thank you, InnovX! “ - Ecollect

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“I am happy to have found very good partners in InnovX-BCR, admiring every cohort that they have taken care of with many startups that managed to bring innovation to the market and the world and we’ve invested in several startups from InnovX-BCR.”

Liviu Munteanu, Partner Founders Bridge

“The efforts of InnovX are lying in it’s name because InnovX-BCR is fostering innovation. I think that every effort which is done in order to open up people, to become more creative, to come toghether to discuss, to foster talents and to be couragios and to challenge the unknown has to be applaused and supported.”

- Mike Popa, Managing Director at Globalworth Romania.”

“InnovX-BCR is one of the best examples of innovation in business and for helping startups innovate, we have learnt a lot from them and we hope that we can continue the journey together.”

- Mihaela Toader, Ilfov County Manager and Former EU Funds Minister”

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