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Grinders Cohort 2020

Written by InnovX

We’ve finalized the selection of the GRINDERS Cohort accepted in the #IncubationPhase of InnovX – BCR Business Accelerator 2020. From over 120 applications, the jury had interviews with 83 companies from Timisoara, Sibiu, Arges, Craiova, Targoviste, Iasi, Cluj, Luxembourg and Bucharest.

24 of them will start the incubation phase #online on #Microsoft Teams starting with 13 July 2020.

Congratulations to all GRINDERS

EmailTree AI provides an innovative solution for customer services and support teams to dramatically decrease the resolution time per email while solving complex customer requests and related tasks.

EmailTree AI comes as an end-to-end solution to increase email productivity, automate email composition and automatically solve complex tasks through Robot Process Automation (RPA) technologies. This means spending considerably less time and resources on customer requests while increasing customer satisfaction, customer retention and saving time allocated for more value-added activities.

Formaps offers a fast automated way to process, remotely sign and arhive documents. Formaps uses machine vision and uploads downloadable documents to the cloud

Optime Rent is a complete Property Management Digital Platform, covering all the steps of the rental process, from signing the contract to its finish, an ecosystem where landlords and property managers are connected to their assets, tenants, service and utilities providers. Due to the automation of a multitude of operations, they can save up to 70% of the time given to property management, but also up to 50% of management costs.

Indata we trust ,the four founders set the steps to launch the InDataWeTrust initiative in order to harmoniously combine the latest technology (AI) with the need to make sense of unsorted data. Our creative ladies team proposes a simple yet innovative concept, winner at the PropTech Hackathon organized by Skanska Romania in November 2019, meant to facilitate a flawless experience and make daily work easy. Our solution is designed for companies from the real estate market, looking to provide a perfect and flawless experience for their clients, in a modern and sensible environment.

ARchiHype is the AR & Blockchain driven design mobile social application that enables individuals to create tailor made interior & landscape designs, find and shop for trusted services and amazing products.

ziDoc is the largest platform of dental benefits for employees in Romania. With access to over 100 dental partners in our network, we provide the employees with proximity, information, discounts and dental education, for better oral healthcare. IziDoc dental benefits complement the general medical benefits with the dental component and aim to increase the dental prevention awareness.

Budget Master is all about saving money by making better decisions.

We transform keeping track of your budget into a guided conversation. This Alexa skill application can automatically get your transactional history, generate financial behaviour reports and give you tips on how to save up more money. We plan on transforming

it into a Virtual Finance Assitant.

InvestorHub aim is to accelerate the creation of a single market of mutual funds across the EU and to increase pan-European competition in the investment industry by providing to individual investors the first mutual funds integrated marketplace across the EU. InvestoHub is the place where tech talents across the EU can fulfill their dreams.

SAA is an AI and Data Analytics Start-up that is developing a SaaS based product that is working around each Rep, to extract relevant information on each Customer they are dealing with, in order to Live-Guide them through a Tailor-made Customer Journey to Increase lead conversion, Reduce onboarding Time & Costs and many more.

Rungutan is the first API Load Testing SaaS platform, 100% Serverless, accessible to SMBs and tech professionals from IT Outsourcing, Mobile Platforms, E-commerce, App Development, Cloud Data. This SaaS platform offers testing services for a site’s traffic load capacity. The novelty comes from the fact that now you’re able to run workflows that simulate user experience every day and after every release, not just before Black Friday due to the platform’s API-driven logic. In addition, with Rungutan, testers can connect with the members of their team and view or edit test cases together, schedule the exact date on which to run tests without their intervention and can simulate workload from over 15 different regions of the world. Those interested can check out an Official Demo of the platform HERE or an 1 Month Free Trail.

Synovius is a portable medical device that helps in the recovery and treatment of joints (elbow, knee and ankle), regardless of location. The proposed solution is designed to allow the control of one or multiple device (s) by means of a mobile application and helps in saving the expenses normally intended for treatment. The team responsible for Synovius promises to replace the traditional recovery equipment with a business model that involves selling or renting in medical units, hospitals and treatment centers.

Roboterr is the latest sewerage construction technology worldwide, which consists in an internationally patented electric robot which performs all the operations that are done by a worker inside the trench: levels the base sand layer, mounts the sewer pipe, and levels the sand over the mounted pipe.The technology has immense economical, tehnical, work safety and climate advantages.

Chip In Solutions is a company focused on facilitating a part of everyone`s life, sharing an expense, in e-commerce environment. We strive to streamline the whole flow of a shared e-commerce order, so people can cooperate better when group shopping online.

We allow shoppers to form ad hoc collaborative shopping groups in which they can drive an online shopping experience for one or more other people, using real-time communication among themselves. We are offering a tailored social shopping experience based on the type of expense that you want to share.

StartGDPR generates documents required for compliance with GDPR that are personalised and ready to use – all of this is done in a quick, safe and guided way. The product is designed by lawyers and software engineers in order to enable startups and SMEs to self-serve, in a guided way, their privacy compliance requirements.

BAAM A marketplace that helps people and organizations to identify and buy real estate properties (below the market value) across the world securely, smoothly and efficiently.

UniVRse Education goes through this learning process beyond the walls of the classroom, providing children with an innovative and immersive environment in which to use their curiosity and creativity. UniVRse Education combine the subjects for classes V-VIII and the concept of eLearning, offers a unique learning platform, where children have access to high quality 360 environments, VR and AR, designed to captures the imagination of young students and to arouse the joy of Learning. Imagine that instead of flipping through a biology manual to learn about the anatomy of the human body, children teleport into a capsule and explore the human body’s systems visually, from within. UniVRse Education wants to solve the problem of classical laboratories of biology, chemistry and physics transforming them into virtual laboratories where children can learn by playing and can experiment without any worries.

Taraba Virtuală is the farmers market you go to from your own home, available on web, AppStore, and Google Play. Discover small producers around your area who can deliver fresh food or Romanian specialties and order directly through the platform from them. On Taraba Virtuală you support local farmers exist, you help local production and you contribute to the health of two families: yours and the farmer’s!

CustomOffers is a Bucharest based, data science company which offers B2B pricing optimization software. With their software, any business with online sales operations can get access to powerful algorithms which can dynamically and analytically create the optimum discounts necessary to match the purchasing power of the market they are targeting. By doing this, the company sees increased profits while the end customers get equitable access to products and services.

AISSA (Artificial Intelligent Sales & Support Assistant) rapidly understands the customer and helps your sales reps and/or customer support to get on the same page with your client in record time. AISSA also performs the training with the new employees, making sure they’d be top performers from day 1.

APIO DIGITAL is a company focused on an inter-disciplinary approach and technological innovation. At the moment we develop tools aimed at inter-connected industries using game development techniques, virtual reality and a deep understanding of our clients and theirs.

Modulab is a research and development lab based in Bucharest with more than 10 years experience in prototyping. Their early projects focused on interactive installations for art

and entertainment (interactive art, interactive museum exhibits, interactive installations for advertising agencies) and then evolved into industrial R&D projects. For the last couple of years, Modulab team, focused mainly o robotics R&D, prototyping several

types of robots – social robots (its own version of Inmoov), photo robots, swarm robots and industrial robots. In the last 2 years Modulab has developed an autonomous robotic platform capable of navigating complex environments, avoiding obstacles and collisions

with multiple possible applications: inventory auditing robots, logistics sorter robots, mobile industrial robots, delivery robots etc.

CookieSurf is an online platform through which website owners can easily solve the issues which arise when it comes to complying with the GDPR rules on the lawful use of cookies. The product aims to implement a very simple tool via an informing banner, in order to legally obtain the user’s consent on the use of their own data personal. CookieSurf comes with a series of distinctive elements as of the banner, from animated buttons to informative icons and product placement videos, designed to give to those who access these pages a unique experience, while also helping them to understand the legal implications of the use of cookies. Nevertheless, the product aims to convince the users of the importance and necessity of the use of cookies in online business.

CleverEver is a mobile app where kids can learn school curriculum thought games. It is a game that is not based on competitiveness and encourages children to make mistakes, to assume all their identities, to create teams and to learn together, using game mechanics and stories.

The legal tech startup Avoteca aims to change the way people access, communicate and search legal professionals, efficiently redefining the lawyer-client relationship, through an online platform for legal services.

Avoteca Community relies on an enthusiastic team that strives to improve legal services, by supporting independent lawyers and small and medium law offices.

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