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InnovX is an accelerator that empowers innovators, backed by investors and industry experts, allowing them to flourish by harnessing their skillsets in a radical new work space.

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Get started at InnovX-BCR in 2022, join a network of innovators, clients, investors and mentors from the business world.


In the next couple of years, CEE will witness an accelerated development of the investment ecosystem.

Focused on the development of new innovations and unifying innovators with clients looking to solve problems while addressing challenges. Innovator-led business model wherein every member can benefit from sharing knowledge and helping each other.


The chance to collaborate with industry leaders


The chance to pitch our partner investors


Access to global conferences and business events


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The InnovX accelerator program is starting soon!

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Apply for ScaleUP 2022 accelerator.

What matters to you amplifies. InnovX-BCR is an accelerator program that combines the best of both worlds - investing in founders and providing the resources, access, and expertise you need to ignite your company's growth.

Funding Raised

Over $27 million, 1000 investors, and counting. Learn more

Work Certifications

Get work certifications from a range of leading programs from InnovX.

Total Events

Business events networking opportunities summits international highly effective and powerful multi-step campaigns.

Corporate Open Innovation

Our international platform generates steady leads for companies that cannot be found on any other open innovation platform.

High Skill Jobs

Learn the skills that will make you one of the first innovators to work on this brand-new type of team.

European Grants Investments

Managing and providing funding solutions to small to large companies, as well as individuals.

Mihaela Toader, Ilfov County Manager and Former EU Funds Minister

“InnovX-BCR is one of the best examples of innovation in business and for helping startups innovate, we have learnt a lot from them and we hope that we can continue the journey together.”

Your succes fuels ours

Bogdan Nafornita, CEO at Profluo
“The whole InnovX program was amazing, it turned out to be a great experience. We learned a lot, gained a lot of friends and actually new customers, new interactions and a new clarity on our business model, so thank you InnovX for that.”
Radu Lupescu, COO at Soundwaves App
“We were very enthusiastic of what we’ve done the past months. Everybody looks enthusiastic and in terms of networking there are very successful people here, we enjoyed it very much”
Are you ready to get started? Every innovator needs a place to grow, clients who will pay for their innovation, and support from mentors who have been there and done that. It's time to get started.

Your succes fuels ours

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    Apply for ScaleUP 2022 accelerator.

    Madalina Hagima Hristescu, Program Manager for Startup Cohort at InnovX

    “The accelerator is a great experience. Actually, the startup ecosystem as an idea is a fascinating world, it’s a world at which I became addicted in the meantime because it creates addiction. The experience in the accelerator has been on both sides. On one side, I learned a lot from the startups, from the participants and on the other side I'm sure we managed to create common experiences and the feedback about the people and the idea that managed to really scale up from the accelerator have been great”