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Meet our Team

Ana Cretu

Board Advisor

Diana Dumitrescu

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Dumitrescu

Chief Innovation Officer

Anca Luca

Community Manager

Ionut Stanimir

Board Advisor

Catalin Lupoaie

Business Grower

Silviu Florea

Program Manager

Alexandru Dincovici

Internal Market Officer

Madalina Hagima Hristescu

Chief Legal Officer

Nicu Iancu

Chief Strategy Officer

Soare Vasile


Alexandru Mihailciuc


Bogdan Manoiu


Emanuel Cernat

Chief Internationalization Officer

Bogdan Stefan

Chief Technology Officer

Bogdan Hristescu

Chief Ventures Officer

Daniel Sebastian Ciuca

Chief Growth Officer

Delia Iliasa

President of MedTech Committee

Gabriel Raicu

President of the Cyber Committee

Ana Bobirca

Chief Investments Officer

Bianca Pacurar

Investor Alliance Officer

Stefan Ioan Luca

Scaleup Alliance Officer

Filip Parlog

Startup Alliance Officer

Xinrun Zhuang

Business Grower

Claudia Balan

Junior Marketing Officer

Ciprian Cristescu


Dinu Dunareanu


Omar Ramadan

Website Manager